And back to work

A most enjoyable weekend. Let me try to summerize here. The flotskyfolks came up to visit on Saturday, and we went for a fantastic meal at my favourite Oxford restaurant of the moment, Next Door . Great food, and a very relaxed atmosphere, set the tone nicely for the rest of the weekend.

I did some gardening, which is much need. I must post up a picture of the flotskygarden some time, partly in order that I might motivate myself to tidy it up more.

Bought Gran Tourismo 4 at long last this weekend. Wow, what a driving game. If I am honest, if someone who had never played a racing game before wanted the best game to play, I would advise them to get Burnout 3. Gran Tourismo isn’t instant fun, in fact, it is quite a slog. And GT4 seems like it is going to be the biggest slog of the whole series. But then the scale this time around is part of the appeal. I’m hooked, basically. I bought GT4 Prologue when it came out, and it did seem a bit of a change from GT3. It seems less of a leap of logic now. And also having had a chance to see more tracks in use, it is fair to say it looks a lot better.

And finally for now, my tooth is almost painless, and I feel sane again. This is a very good thing