Big Blogger

So Big Brother 6 has now reached the stage of fruition. We now have several groups within the house, all plotting and planning against each other. It is a powderkeg waiting to be lit. And I hope to catch it doing so on the late-night live coverage. As long as there isn’t anything good on Eurosport at the time.

Tooth is now almost fixed, bit sore, but getting there.

The US Grand Prix was a incredible race, for all the wrong reasons. Only six cars started, and the only excitement was when Schumacher nearly smashed into his teammate. My take on the disaster was that it was all Bernie Ecclestone’s fault, and that hopefully this farce will speed the decline of his control on Formula 1. Somehow, I don’t think it will though.

Also, hello to the mighty Wonderduck, who I see from a couple of comments has come over to visit here from his blog I mentioned a few posts ago. Good to see you fella.