What I want from my gadgets

Okay, was thinking this morning about all my devices. I have 3 computers (mine, my work PC and my laptop), a camera, a mobile phone, an ipod, consoles, handheld consoles, tv, sky+, dvd recorder, lots of stuff basically. Plus all the things that then provide the data, so cd’s, games etc. I want an end to all this.

I want a device at home, and a device I can carry. I don’t want it to be heavy. I only want to keep my personal private data. All the rest, the games, music etc, I would like to download on demand. Quickly. If I have paid for it, then I want access to it anywhere. I don’t want to worry about copy protection. If you are a media provider, then the deal should be when I want to use it, you check to see if I have paid for it, then you let me have it. Simple.

I want my portable device to let me play games, take pictures, listen to music, surf the net, make and receive phone calls. I think it has to have a bluetooth headset, as I want as few wires as possible. Oh and it is not a Gizmondo, no matter how much the makers think it is.

If I could have that all sorted for next month that would be lovely, ta.