I look out of my window to see that a curtain of darkness has covered the view. I can only see the faint black outlines of buildings. Shadows are everywhere, following people and cars, or just standing next to houses. Trees look like people, black as evil. An ebony black cat strolls around, its eyes glowing. There is a gloom around the town, nothing moves, as if the world had stood still.

I walk outside. Cars appear out of the gloom and murk. Back inside I fall asleep into a black, blank world, where I am unaware of anything, oblivion. In the morning the black night falls asleep, only to be woken by the yawns of the white day

I’ve just found this, a poem I wrote a little while ago. 28th April 1983 to be precise. I was, it is far to say, pretty fucking miserable at times when I was a kid.