Plenty to do, too hot to do it

It is just too warm to do anything today. Was dozy at work from the heat, then when I came home could barely bring ourselves to do owt. Am determined we should be motivated and get out for a wander or two this week.

Later today I have a course in Java, which I am hoping will be a good first step in it all. Another of the skills I need to start getting under my belt.

I have fallen away from my todo list somewhat, and I think I need to get back into doing that. Will force myself to get up to date on it again tomorrow at some point.

Getting on for halfway into JPod. The thing I most relate to in it at the moment is the main character’s clothing crisis. I need to think about mine, I am long overdue a Summer update. A little short of t-shirts at the moment, and we really can’t have that.