Things I lent out and never got back (that I wish I had back)

  • A video single by Bomb the Bass
  • The book 45 by Bill Drummond
  • Battle for the Trees by Merrick
  • My heart, too many times when I was young (although I got to give it properly in the end)
  • A Mega City Four cassette
  • 3ft High and Rising by De La Soul

I’m slowly getting these things again, bar the heart and the Mega City Four, that can stay lent. I’ve finally found a copy of Battle for the Trees, which is a great book about the Newbury Bypass Protests, by someone who was there until the bitter end.

I had a vague idea once to write a dark tv comedy in the GBH/Boys from the Blackstuff mould about the road protests. I had a few great scenes played out in my mind, a dark finale as the heavily injured hero is driven around the bypass, head slumped against the car window, barely noticing the surroundings that were once his home flashing past. And the eviction scene. Swarming policemen and security guards attacking and removing the protestors, played out to Ride of the Valkyries. And then I read Battle for the Trees. As he was up in his treehouse, watching the security men coming to evict him, Merrick had his portable stereo on. Guess what track he was listening to?

I didn’t write another word after that, no way could I compete.

Anyways, what have you lent and not had back?