and orange mobile, you are bloody useless.

Okay, it has taken me two days to give them money. I wanted to add a service to my phone, which means I will pay them a little more money each month. You would hope this would be easy. It isn’t. I have an account set up on their site, which is meant to allow me to manage my mobile phone account. At present, it is taking about 10-15 minutes to get into my account. I’ve got decent broadband, so it isn’t that. Their site is stupidly slow and unresponsive. When I finally got to where I wanted, it offered me a package to add, I selected it, and it accepted. Fine. About 20 minutes to do this. Most sane people have given up already.

I then get the text confirmation about an hour later that the package has been added. Except it hasn’t. I am not allowed it on my account. So I phone them. I spend 5 minutes going through key choices, a recorded message telling me they are very busy (at 11:30 at night) then another recorded message to let me know they are shut after 10pm. If you’d let me know that at the start…

So I called back today. I have to wait 20 minutes on the phone, listening to god-awful music that at one point distorts and hurts my ears (it wasn’t the track, I prefer far nastier sounding music normally). I finally get through to a call centre in India. The chap on the other end of the phone has a bit of trouble understanding me. Not because of his English, which is fine, but because of the quality of the phone line (Orange customer calling their own call-centre direct from his mobile, so the problem again is with them). I ask if I can have the package, he says yes, and puts it on my account.

How much hassle is that? I’ve lost an hour of my life trying to give them a bit more money every month. How many people a month must just give up? IDIOTS.

And relax.