Well, I’ve just been tagged by Emily who writes one of my favourite blogs, Doing it all again. So this means I have to give you all 8 random facts about me:

  1. I’m a distant relation of the godfather of English Football, Sir Stanley Matthews
  2. I have a fascination with the diabolo, and intend that this summer I shall finally learn how to get two going at once
  3. I once saw a ghost labrador
  4. I can walk on my knees in the lotus position. I once “walked” the length of a gym doing this, now I suspect that would hurt a lot
  5. My father claims to have one up on Pele, in that he once scored a goal from the halfway line, and Pele famously didn’t.
  6. I used to play competitive chess, and gave it up when I got fed up with being beaten by 7 year old child geniuses
  7. My mother claims to have invented the “weather map as comedy device”, as she sent a sketch using this to That Was The Week That Was, which appeared a few weeks later uncredited.
  8. I first wrote on this very website back in 1998.

I tag back Al, Emma, Wonderduck, Iamnotthebeatles, Ben, & Sarah.