Well mainly a good weekend. Got to see our friends J&S on Friday and Saturday night, and had a good time playing charades and Buzz, and consuming plenty of quality cheeses. However I was somewhat ill on Saturday afternoon. Felt a bit odd coming home after a quick trip to B&Q (rest easy, the shower is now fixed), and when we got back I went to bed for a couple of hours. Woke up, and just felt utterly grot, like each step was a effort. Put up with it through Saturday night, but really wasn’t very happy at all. However Sunday morning I felt fine. Very perculiar, I’d say it was some sort of 24 hour bug, but even then it seemed to last about 12 hours. I could do without that though.

The garden is coming on a bit, I’m trying to weed a bit more each evening, and I’ve got some giant sunflower seeds planted out, so hopefully they will sprout up next month. When I’m a bit more organised, I’ll try and get some pictures done. I’m also pondering what needs cutting and pruning at the back of the garden to give it a bit more sunlight, it’s got quite thick out there.

I also celebrated last night hitting the 5000 point mark on Xbox 360 Live, I now have respectable proof of how I’ve wasted my life. Pacman skills on Pacman CE and Ms. Pacman got me there, but I intend to play through some more Forza 2 to keep up the momentum.