The lawn gods are against me

This past weekend, my parents very kindly treated me to a new lawn mower. I’ve been patiently waiting out the weather so that I could use it for the first time. Yesterday evening I finally saw a gap in the rain long enough to try it out. It was working fine until I hit a stone. One blast of sparks later, and a little further along, I found I’d managed to bend the blade and then gouge chunks out of the lawn. I left that for the time being, and instead moved onto raking up some of the dead grass that hadn’t been picked up. The second I pulled on the rake, the head fell clean off, as its wooden pole had rotted through. I’ve given up gardening for the week now.

On the bright side, the blade looks like it won’t cost much more than £15 to replace, which is a bonus. I will get my garden looking less rubbish, I swear.