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Fashion Guru

I almost invented an entirely new way to wear a jacket today. I was pondering the whole history of jacket wearing, and realised that there had been no advances since the invention of wearing one just over the shoulders. “What if”, I thought, “you did that, but put your arms through the sleeves?”

It took me a little while to realise the lack of innovation there. I’m still thinking about it though.

Blue and Moo


So I decided to change the theme of this blog to something a little more, well, plain and befitting of my current mood for minimalism. I’ve moved to using the Compositio Theme for WordPress, which I like as a nice clean starting point. I’m hoping to firstly grey it up a little, then I might see about adding a few little extra things too. It also looks rather nice on the iPhone, and is legible even without zooming in (well just about, and I don’t have great eyesight).


I also received my Moo cards today, little rectangular business cards with an assortment of my own photographs from Flickr on them. Very please with the results. Only using them to have my blog and email-address on, and for vanity, rather than actual business.

Shades of Grey


Feel like someone has spun the colourwheel in my head, and it is now only showing a grey palette. I’ve bought grey trainers and a jacket this weekend, and I can’t satisfactorily explain why. I normally prefer black, that is my go-to colour of choice. I’ve flirted with browns, but they’ve never really done it for me. I’ve just now got a strong feeling about grey.

The Television of 23 Years Ago

One of the reasons I started using WordPress instead of Blogger was so that I could post some of my old diaries online (Blogger didn’t at the time allow you to go back beyond a certain date which was not early enough). Over time I’ve gradually been putting up some of those diary entries, and a conversation with a friend reminded me that something I used to do in my diary for a while, which was to make a top twenty chart of my favourite TV programmes each week. Here are a couple of weeks from back in 1986:

TV Chart Number 2
TV Chart Number 15

What can we learn from these? Well, firstly as is patently obvious, I watched a lot of sport when I was 14. To be fair, I still do, but in these digital days it is more likely to be Eurosport or Motors TV. Also given that I only had access to four channels back then, I seemed to be even more focused on BBC1 and ITV. This changed over time, I gradually started watching more BBC2 and Channel 4, and then once we got satellite television, I really started moving away from watching BBC1 and ITV at all. These days it is a rare occasion that I do.

I’m surprised I listed Eastenders in the later chart, I don’t remember ever particularly being a fan of that. I certainly watched it more often in those days, now I’m far more likely to watch Coronation Street, and actively try to avoid Eastenders (although my wife has other ideas on this count). Mainly though it’s just a nice little reminder and insight into my own tastes a long time ago.

Quick notes on No Way Out 2009

Rey Mysterio – MVP

That was just a fantastic performance by Rey, wrestling the whole of his Elimination Chamber match, being the highlight reel for the match, taking some crazy bumps. What is more, is that I really felt his MMA-style kicks added something to convincing that despite his lack of size, he was causing damage to much bigger wrestlers. This is always a problem with Rey against heavyweight wrestlers, so it was good to see him addressing that.

Mixing things up

Starting with the Smackdown elimination chamber? What was going on? Goodness, that’s what. Obviously given what happened with Edge, it was mainly planned to allow that to happen. It really shook things up as well though, gave the show a very different feel. They also got a fantastic reaction from the crowd from it.

It was just a shame though they couldn’t keep that going all the way through. You could hear how dead the crowd got during the ECW title match (should have had Christian instead), and the Shawn Michaels – JBL match (should have had anyone other than JBL) didn’t ever seem to come alive either. Improve those matches, and a better stunt during the Orton – McMahon match, and you could have had a classic PPV all round. As it was, there was plenty of goodness in the two Elimination Chamber matches to go round. I’m not normally a fan of these, I prefer Hell in a Cell, but these were two rather good installments.

Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival: 29th March-5th April 2009

This year’s Oxford Literary Festival lasts a little longer than in previous years, and there are some good speakers to look forward to. My personal highlight will be an appearance by Bad Science‘s Ben Goldacre on Sunday 5th April at the McKenna room. Also appearing of note are Ian McEwan, Aravind Adiga and Raymond Blanc, and many others.

For more information see the Oxford Literary Festival site.