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Fashion Guru

I almost invented an entirely new way to wear a jacket today. I was pondering the whole history of jacket wearing, and realised that there had been no advances since the invention of wearing one just over the shoulders. “What if”, I thought, “you did that, but put your arms through the sleeves?”

It took me a little while to realise the lack of innovation there. I’m still thinking about it though.

Blue and Moo


So I decided to change the theme of this blog to something a little more, well, plain and befitting of my current mood for minimalism. I’ve moved to using the Compositio Theme for WordPress, which I like as a nice clean starting point. I’m hoping to firstly grey it up a little, then I might see about adding a few little extra things too. It also looks rather nice on the iPhone, and is legible even without zooming in (well just about, and I don’t have great eyesight).


I also received my Moo cards today, little rectangular business cards with an assortment of my own photographs from Flickr on them. Very please with the results. Only using them to have my blog and email-address on, and for vanity, rather than actual business.

Shades of Grey


Feel like someone has spun the colourwheel in my head, and it is now only showing a grey palette. I’ve bought grey trainers and a jacket this weekend, and I can’t satisfactorily explain why. I normally prefer black, that is my go-to colour of choice. I’ve flirted with browns, but they’ve never really done it for me. I’ve just now got a strong feeling about grey.

Dear Obama…

Congratulations on what you have achieved so far to get to this point. You should be proud, and many are proud of you. What has impressed me today is not just the support and passion you’ve inspired in your own country, but the belief and hope that other people around the world now have that you will make a significant difference to how America acts, and is perceived.

I wish you all the best of luck. Please don’t fuck up



I hate Barenaked Ladies for what they did to my mental wellbeing

So I idly clicked and watched the following video a couple of days ago:Barenaked Ladies “One Week” Parody – CollegeHumor video. Now I’ve still got the original floating through my head, the very thing the parody complains about. Just as I was starting to clear it from my head this evening, when the latest episode of The 40 Year Old Boy finished with it. I now hate him as well (only a bit mind, he is bastard funny).

Racing Little Cars

Another day, another diversion. Since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted a Scalextric layout set up in a loft. I was very kindly bought a set for my last birthday, so I’ve taken the first step towards this (the loft will have to come at a later date). This evening I was idly looking around Youtube, and happened upon a clip of a great layout:

What I like about this is that it isn’t the largest of tracks by any means, but it’s set up for racing and overtaking, it looks like a racers track. This clip shows an experiment they made to see just how many cars they could run on this setup at once. A lot, is the simple answer.

Now this led me onwards elsewhere, and I noticed a Japanese equivalent to this, where they race battery-powered cars around much larger tracks:

I think I had one or two of the Tamiya models when I was young, but I’d never seen them raced before, without the track they will chug along a carpet in a straight line. This looks a lot more exciting. I also suspect that you find a difference between the British and the Japanese approach to model car racing here, where with Scalextric it’s mainly about the racing itself, the interaction of the driver with the car. With these Tamiya cars, I suspect with the racing it’s more about the tuning and the engineering, I can instantly picture a whole culture of tuning and building of the larger models that dwarfs the tuning possible with Scalextric (I do know that does go on, but you’ve got less to work with I think).

To further this theory, the next clip I watched was of a three-wheel car being raced on a similar track in China, at something approaching an insane speed:

Now I think my loft of the future may need the space for both…

Christmas can now start

The turkey is in the fridge, the presents are under the tree, the heavily discounted champers and wine are in place. So I guess this must mean I’m prepared. All I have to do tomorrow is find cloves (and I’m going to be stunned if the food shops of the Cowley Road fail me), and meet my wife in the pub around 1ish.

It should be a nice chilled Christmas Day, just the two of us for nice pressies and lots of good food. We’ve already treated ourselves to our main present, a nice big HD telly, and I’ve already been making the most of this for Rock Band 2 playing, and World Championship darts viewing. I suspect the Boxing Day tradition of 4 Hills Ski-Jumping is going to look lovely on it too.

Worst Journalist of 2008

Goes to Max Hastings of the Daily Mail.

What the sacking of Posh Ed tells us about the BBC’s hang-ups over class

Now it’s a pretty shoddy piece of journalism all round, but my attention was particularly drawn to the following paragraph:

In the case of Stourton, BBC gossip suggests that he has been dismissed from his role as a presenter at the Today programme because he sounds too ‘toffish’. I have no idea whether this is true. But it is very believable.

This is astonishing for a journalist to admit. He has no idea at all about the premise his whole article is based on? He made no effort whatsoever to investigate it? Hastings is a former editor of the Daily Telegraph and Evening Standard, so it isn’t as if he doesn’t have any contacts at all he could try to speak to. I just think it is stunning for a journalist to admit he hasn’t done any work, and that he’s making massive assumptions for the sake of his snotty little article. At least most other columnists pretend they made an effort.

Back on the bus

Don’t worry, I will tire of the marvel that is bus-based blogging soon. Well mentioning it at least.

Homewards now, thinking sweet bus-bound thoughts of pasta, of comfy chairs and of sweet sleep. Really fancy a good long sleep for a while, maybe a few days.

Starting to think about Christmas and next year now. We’re hoping that we will get over to Norway to see my dad in the spring. Slightly lost for ideas of what to do for a summer holiday, maybe that is just too far ahead at the moment.