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Okay, I said a few posts ago it had got cold. I was wrong. Now it’s got cold. Really cold. It’s still not October yet. This isn’t promising. I’d suggest buying shares in woolen mills.

Off to see Ska Cubano tonight. Should be a good gig, and it’s my first opportunity to see the new Oxford Academy (formerly the Zodiac, formerly The Venue). Looks good from the outside. Will report back soon.

Foot on the pedal – never ever false metal

We saw Run Fat Boy Run at the cinema this past Saturday, starring Simon Pegg. Not that great to be honest. Dylan Moran was alright in it. And there were a lot of Nike logos, which was annoying at first, but after about the 20,000th I grew into a state of tacit acceptance, and at about 30,000 I realised that it was in fact the greatest symbol in the history of mankind, and that life was all about the mantra “Just do it”. I’ve since sold all my possessions, bar of course my Nike trainers, and now live a life of simplicity devoted to the worship of the swoop. If I find where I can get Nike underpants, I’m going to get arrested a lot less now.

Speaking of mind control, I was rather disturbed by an advert for The Alpha course. This was a cinema full of young teenage kids (woooo. Actually they weren’t that bad, the ones next to us that I thought would be a pain actually tutted when some younger kids down the front talked a bit during the film). They’re not allowed to have ads for alcohol, or fags, or indeed many things shoved down their throats, so why should religion be allowed to sell itself to them? When they’re old enough, fine. Although I personally go to the cinema to have naked consumerism pushed to me, and I have no desire to instead have my moral values questioned instead. If I do, I’ll watch a good documentary on the sofa. Questioning morals should always be done in a familiar chair with a cup of tea.

Sumautrinter time

So winter arrived yesterday, it got cold. Real cold. And then it’s sort of heating up now. Don’t know what season we are in now. Sumautrinter, I believe. I think I’m going to wrap up warm and wear shorts, makes as much sense as anything else.

Mrsfb’s brother was up to visit this weekend, had a nice time catching up with him. Not the most hectic of weekends, rather good. Managed to mess up my sleep cycle something chronic though, not quite back to it yet.

Have to get my bum in gear about sorting out things for going to New York. We have money, tickets, hotel and passports, so that’s kind of the important things covered, but there are plenty of other things to do as well. I intend to get a few things done tonight.

Like the new look?

I’ve just smartened a few things up on the blog, and made it so the header image changes from page to page (there aren’t loads, and it’s sort of random, so it won’t happen every time). Pleased with it, been meaning to get round to it for ages. I will probably add some more images soon.

I had the opportunity today to walk around the roof of our new building at work. I’m kicking myself because I was thinking of bringing in my proper camera to take some pictures around the new building, and decided I’d leave it until later in the week. Still, it was a good view, and I took a few with my phone that came out alright. Have learnt my lesson, and will take it in tomorrow and plead for another opportunity.

I’ve cut down by quite a bit the amount of time it takes me to get to the new place in the morning, and I was still being careful, so it looks like with a bit of preparation I can end up getting up at nearly the same time I was before. I can’t afford to miss my bus, as unlike the old route they are every half hour in the morning, rather than in bursts of four or five every ten minutes. I should be able to manage that I suspect.

Tired but chilled

Long couple of days just past, but with satisfactory results. Sunday was spent helping support at work move into the new building, in the main testing phones and PCs. A nice little bit of overtime that will come in handy for New York. Then today was starting in the new building. I thought that it was going to involve two bus trips, but it became apparent on my first trip to the new place that it went a much handier route than I thought. Basic result of that is going to be an extra half hour in bed more than I thought, so that is all good.

Other than that, nice meal out with S&T and their friends for a birthday, and thus a bit of a hangover for Sunday ;) Got me in a good mood for the week

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Checked it out

Went to see the Beastie Boys at the Brixton Academy last night. Mostly a very enjoyable experience, they did put on a good show, and basically were doing greatest hits from every era. However, the sound sucked arse. Loud vocals, very quiet beats. As a big fan of their DJ Mixmaster Mike, this was particularly annoying. Still, I think it was worth a five hour round trip to see them, as I’ve wanted to since the 80s. If I had a things to do before I die list, that would absolutely be on it. It was the whole experience I think that made it worthwhile.


Annoying day at work. Well, 75% annoying, then got something good designed at the end. So not a complete write-off by any measure. Wound up though. Possibly a good evening not to try to create much, and instead to work out my frustration on trying to solve my Hammer Throw blind-spot on Track and Field. For a bit, anyways. Have some Heroes to catch up on as well.

Oh, top tip for the day, I’ve been listening to the Money Talk podcast from recently. Worth a go if you’re trying to learn more about money and suchlike, today they were explaining the recent stock market crash in nice easy terms I could understand, which is a bloody miracle.

King of Track

I’ve been watching King of Kong tonight, a documentary about the World record holders for playing Donkey Kong. It’s the tale of several gaming obsessives. I found it quite inspirational, and having watched it, set three personal bests on Track and Field on Xbox Live Arcade. I’ve also watched the first episode of The Adventure Game tonight, which starred Fred Harris, as I probably could have guessed, and also Elizabeth Estensen (Diane Blackstock from Emmerdale), whom I really didn’t expect. So a good night all round

Getting me organised

I’ve had quite a useful weekend, I’ve now got a random set of todo lists put into Google Notebook, so I’ve now got one place I can look to for things I’m trying to get done. I managed to get quite a few of these things done as well, which is always the more important side of a todo list.

Not too much of consequence this weekend, we’ve just taken it nice and easy. Had a pleasant drink in the Brickworks on Saturday afternoon, where we got away with an outside drink without being rained on, which it has threatened most of the weekend, but kind of failed to do. Which was good. We also had a cheeky takeaway from the Spice Cafe, which as always was rather tasty. I upgraded my spice threshold to a hot Lamb Saag, which took it from nice to delicious, so well worth the spicerisk.

This week brings my first ever Beastie Boys gig in Brixton, and a busy weekend. Looking forwards to both already.