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TNA deals with the serious issues of the day

But Seriously, What Does Mick Foley Think About Barack Obama? | Indecision2008 | Comedy Central

It’s been said that people in America are turning to the Daily Show and the Colbert Report for real insight into current events at the moment. But to TNA as well? Possibly one of the strangest things you’ll see on a wrestling show ever, a serious and thoughtful discussion of the upcoming presidential election.

Plan to pedestrianise part of Oxford City Centre

Hmmmm, not sure about this at all. Of course it would be good for the centre to be less full of traffic, however I think it may just jam things up a little further away. The plan fails to mention exactly where bus stops would be moved to, which is kind of important. I’m hoping in terms of ticketing they’re talking about basically mimicking the Oyster card from London, which is sort of here already, but only on one of the three main bus companies.

Traffic ban to ‘transform’ city (From The Oxford Times)

UPDATE: The County Council are already threatening to force through the changes.

Magdalen Bridge to close on May 1st

Magdalen Bridge is to shut between 4 and 8:30 am on May 1st 2008, to inconvenience much of Oxford, and to prevent idiots jumping off a bridge to celebrate tradition. Let them jump I say, it provides needed income to jobbing photographers, who may be able to sell pictures to the national press when the jumpers hurt themselves. And it won’t mess up my bus journey in the morning.
Magdalen Bridge to close on May 1st – Oxford Times newspaper

Oxblogged – Now in colour

I’ve added a couple of new features to Oxblogged today:

  • A new theme which loops through some different images of Oxford taken by me.
  • A Flickr badge in the sidebar on the right which shows the latest photos tagged with “oxford” on the Flickr site. Sometimes there will be the occasional photo from Oxford in the USA, or Oxford Street in London, but in the main they are pictures of Oxford.