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Star Wars Sweded

Star Wars (Sweded): A Cardboard Hope

Sweding is the process of copying a film by remaking it yourself, as per the wonderful Michel Gondry film Be Kind Rewind. Sweded remakes of films are now starting to crop up on Youtube, such as this version of the original Star Wars. It’s alright to begin with, then just gets better and better.

vlowe YouTube Gallery 1.0

I’m going to investigate this further, it is a wordpress plugin that shows your favourite youtube clips embedded in a gallery on your blog. Could be an interesting little thing to have set up
[Download] [Plugin Page]


I found this looking for the original last night. I had never come across the concept, which clearly appears to be a mixture of gospel choirs and competative cheerleading. I am now obsessed with finding the most obtuse track covered by a showchoir. Get on Youtube yourself and see if you can find one. Let me know in the comments any links you find!