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Happy Birthday to Me

38 years old today. Great weekend to celebrate it, wandered round the Steampunk exhibition in town, then a nice walk around Oxford, followed by a cracking meal at Shanghai 30s. Scalextric was my main pressie, a fitting addition to a growing collection for a man of my advanced age.

Not really pondered too much the passing of time, tend to do that at New Year. This was more just mellow progression, like a smooth chord change, rather than the bells and whistles the change of year brings. If I’m looking for one thing though, did get thinking about getting out on the bike again, both for traveling to work, and for some trips further afield to take photos out in the countryside. Sounds like a plan.

Happy 25th Birthday MTV (well for yesterday)

So MTV is now 25. Ouch. They celebrated last night by repeating the first ever hour of MTV. It was amusing in parts, the constant reminders that they had changed TV forever during their first hour. What was stunning was that first hour of music. Bear in mind this was 1981:

It is easy to forget that 80s music wasn’t all New Romantics. In fact I can remember having MTV explained to me in the mid 80s (before we really got it in Britain) and being surprised that it was, almost completely, white rock music. Well it has changed, it did get into rap before it became a TV channel rather than a music channel. Now we don’t need it. I can get virtually any video I want by searching for it on Youtube. Still, it was interesting to see what was played at the start. Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while…

EDIT Have now added in all the links to the youtube versions of the videos where I could find them

34 today

Happy birthday to me! I would love to regale you with a moment of wisdom from my 34 years on the planet. Hmmmmm, let me see:

You got to know when to hold ’em,
Know when to fold ’em,
Know when to walk away and
know when to run.

If I am quick, do you think I can get away with pretending that was me? I reckon, I don’t think anyone else noticed.

My main present was a really nice pair of walking boots, which will encourage me onto greater feats (feets?) of walking and general getting my arse off the sofa a bit more.

I’m actually quite happy to be 34 now I think about it, I could ideally do with having my waistline from the December of my first year at college, but other than that, I think this is about as good as I have got thus far. Life is pretty good. I may check the hairline tonight mind.


Happy Birthday to my darling wife

Yep, my beautiful partner mrsfb is 21 (once more) today. Yay her! We’ve got her friend S over for a meal cooked by me tonight, then off out to a posh Indian restaurant on Saturday. In our house, birthdays, in fact any occasion of note, mean good grub.

Getting a bit more writing done at the moment, not loads, but it is a start. Good.

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And so I am 33. Hurrah for me. I shall celebrated by writing Perl, a little

HTML, and more Perl. Actually, to be fair, I am looking forwards to a nice
birthday tea cooked for me by S’s fair hand, I’m just being pissy cos I have
to work rather than take it easy at home. And even then I could have booked a
day off if I had been more organised. So I only have myself to blame.
Still, it should be an automatic holiday to have your birthday off, if only so
you can drink yourself into a stupor celebrating your extra wrinkles.

And maybe another day off to recover

One of my pressies from S was Lost in Translation, which I am looking forwards to
watching a lot, heard a lot of good things about it.

No sign of the DS as of yet. Early days, but I am holding onto the offchance that
I might get it for me birthday.


I am now 31, having done the decent thing and had my birthday on Saturday (I was about due another one). Actually, it probably is a good sign that it seems ages since my last one, I guess I must really be busy enjoying life these days.

I also ate lobster for the first time on Thursday, and have to say that it did not disappoint. I have a date with a whole lobster in the none-too-distant future.

I have gone kebab crazy lately, and have decided on a dish tomorrow that involves stir-fried chicken, with vegetable kebabs. Looking forwards to trying this out.

And lastly, watched two great tv shows last night, The Harry Hill show, his latest series now on ITV, and Little Britain which is David Walliams and Matt Lucas’s latest creation, sort of a camp league of gentlemen, which is quite an achievment in itself, nevermind making it far funnier.