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Like the new look?

I’ve just smartened a few things up on the blog, and made it so the header image changes from page to page (there aren’t loads, and it’s sort of random, so it won’t happen every time). Pleased with it, been meaning to get round to it for ages. I will probably add some more images soon.

I had the opportunity today to walk around the roof of our new building at work. I’m kicking myself because I was thinking of bringing in my proper camera to take some pictures around the new building, and decided I’d leave it until later in the week. Still, it was a good view, and I took a few with my phone that came out alright. Have learnt my lesson, and will take it in tomorrow and plead for another opportunity.

I’ve cut down by quite a bit the amount of time it takes me to get to the new place in the morning, and I was still being careful, so it looks like with a bit of preparation I can end up getting up at nearly the same time I was before. I can’t afford to miss my bus, as unlike the old route they are every half hour in the morning, rather than in bursts of four or five every ten minutes. I should be able to manage that I suspect.

My suggestion of the week

is to download the latest episode of Fighting Talk from the BBC, their sports panel show. Not only does it feature the return of the original presenter, there is a story about halfway through about Will Buckley’s old PE teacher that genuinely had me laughing uncontrollably in the street this morning. Fantastic stuff.

In other news I am waiting impatiently for a macro lens for my camera, which should hopefully be with me in the next day or so. Ideally tonight.

Snowday – The snowiest day this century!

Well, it is supposed to really snow here in a few hours time. All the weather services have warned us all to expect snow. Serious snow. Not your bog standard little bit of snow that I have endured since I grew up. Old Skool Snow. Seventies Snow. Drifts, Blizzards, enough snow to genuinely call snow. I’ll be at home, watching it out of the window whilst I work at home, waiting to see if the predictions are true or not.

Oh, and happy birthday to me :) I officially got my new camera for it, so I am very happy.