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And so that was Christmas

Well, nearly done with the Christmas season now. Not back to work until the 4th, so taking it nice and easy. Managed to watch the first series of the Sopranos in just a tad over 24 hours, so that was something approaching an achievement. Have also done some tidying, sorting and organising, which also counts. And some home coding.

New Year is planned to be a quiet one, with a touch of champagne to celebrate the transition into dry January. Gym and no drinking is the plan. The first time I typed that previous sentence, I typed Gin and no drinking. My subconscious seems to be less keen than I thought.

Christmas can now start

The turkey is in the fridge, the presents are under the tree, the heavily discounted champers and wine are in place. So I guess this must mean I’m prepared. All I have to do tomorrow is find cloves (and I’m going to be stunned if the food shops of the Cowley Road fail me), and meet my wife in the pub around 1ish.

It should be a nice chilled Christmas Day, just the two of us for nice pressies and lots of good food. We’ve already treated ourselves to our main present, a nice big HD telly, and I’ve already been making the most of this for Rock Band 2 playing, and World Championship darts viewing. I suspect the Boxing Day tradition of 4 Hills Ski-Jumping is going to look lovely on it too.

So I made it through day one of the working year

in one piece. Not one email about any problems caused by, or requiring my input over the christmas break. So either I am perfect, or I am surplus to requirements and to be made redundant. I’ll go for option one-ish.

Read Full Time: The Secret Life of Tony Cascarino over the past couple of days. Not your standard footballer’s autobiography, more an opening of the soul of someone that thinks a bit more about things. In fact, he admits to clearly thinking far too much about his own game. Quite an eyeopener are the sections where he describes his own self-destructive inner voice, constantly talking himself down and tempting failure at every step during a match. It is a very sad book, but interestingly is written in a way as to demand no sympathy, he lays all his failings very much out in the open (he wasn’t the most loyal of partners, and describes in great detail as to how he did this, and the consequences of his actions). Definitely worth a read, even for a non-football fan. Shows a different world to that of Mr Beckham et al.

All I want for Christmas is it to be six months time

I bought an American gaming magazine yesterday. BIG BIG mistake. I now would like to own, but will have to wait a minimum of 3 months the following:

  • GBA E-card reader
  • Gamecube GBA adaptor
  • Animal Crossing
  • Phantasy Star Online parts 1 & 2
  • Gamecube Broadband Adaptor
  • All the Pokemon e-card set
  • All the Animal Crossing e-card set
  • Gamecube Keyboard
  • I think there is supposed to be a Phantasy Star Online e-card set as well
  • Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire for the GBA

Lets just say that it is possibly the most expensive magazine that I have ever bought.

And btw, this isn’t a Christmas beg list. None of this stuff is out for far too long, and I can’t be arsed with importing it and messing about with stuff like that. I am planning on funding the card habit by selling old cards on e-bay and then buying new ones with the funds. As I do have about 2000 cards, I think it is worth a go. I might even sell off some comics as well, the non-daredevil stuff. I think there may be a lot of people in the market for Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure #1 in reasonable condition.

I’m not that deluded, honest. I learnt my lessons in buying comics for profit after I got my hopes up for Little Shop of Horrors #1 back in the mid-80′s. I think I’ve sold my collection off a couple of times in my life, like completely, and never ever been able to persuade the shops to take it off my hands