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Another flotsky site???

I’ve just launched the companion site to flotsky.org, flotsky.com. It’s basically a place for proper bloggy type posts about things, rather than random stuff on my mind like here. Think of this as still my personal site, and flotsky.com as stuff that isn’t just personal. I think that’s a reasonable divide. Go have a look and see what you think. I found a nice theme for it for now too.

Welcome to flotsville, a MyMiniCity city

A little oddity this, flotsville. You don’t even sign up for it, you just enter where you want your city, and the name of it. Then as people visit it, it expands. A little like the Sims, obviously, except the only thing that promotes growth is vistors. Every visitor each day adds inhabitants and makes it grown. Have a look, have a go, and if you start your own city, let me know in the comments so I can come visit too.


Something I meant to get round to, was to look at websites of some of the houseware designers I saw in Selfridges on Saturday. The ones I liked were Suck UK, Kartell, Inflate, Artomatic & But is it Art? Basically if I won the lottery, some sums would be going the way of the above.

Played decent PSO session with Bobi tonight, not quite as hard work as last time we played, we’re a bit more advanced now

flotsky.co.uk is the third item found when you search for flotsky on google. Must do something about that. Maybe will have a refreshing campaign to sort that out. By any rights I should be number one ;)