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Chilling in Norway

Drawing towards the end of a great week in Norway. Highlight has to have been a fjord cruise yesterday, absolutely stunning scenery that I took a full memory card’s worth of pictures of. In general, it has involved wandering round a pretty little Norwegian town, and feeling rather relaxed. You can see all my photos (and there are a lot) here.

The latter emotion is despite giving up smoking, which thanks to patches has worked out alright thus far. This is stage two on the flotsky self-improvement front this year, stage one being my exemplary gym work thus far (N.B. exemplary equals going to in my personal dictionary).

If I had been Norwegian, I could have been Ski-Jumping at 3

I wonder often if being an Olympic Ski-Jumper was the destiny that was chosen for me, and by some bizarre twist of fate I ended up being born in England, doomed never to have the appropriate advantages in life to help me achieve that goal. I love the concept of flying unaided. I happily watch hours of ski-jumping on the hallowed channel that is Eurosport. Yet I cannot fly. Seems a shame.