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Phantasy Star Offline

So I’m now about 4.5 hours into Phantasy Star Universe. Having received my pre-order copy a couple of days early, I’ve been playing the offline mode, as the servers haven’t been turned on yet. The offline Story mode is a fully fledged RPG, in the mode of a Final Fantasy, right down to having far too many cutscenes in the first hour of play.

I have been enjoying it immensely. At first the world is slightly bewildering, but once you take control of your character, it plays and feels like Phantasy Star Online of old, but with much better graphics, and a more organic feel that makes it feel less like you are playing in mainly square rooms. The fighting, whilst still based on the same system, does feel more fluid, and the trademark targeting mechanism of PSO has gone, replaced by, well, pointing at the creature you want to hit, and fighting them. Works fine.

I think my main gripe so far has been the on-screen display. Even though the game isn’t optimised for HD, the menus are tiny. Whereas in PSO you had beautiful clear graphics that told you exactly what you had and were using, these you really have to squint at. I appreciate it may partly be my old age, but they are very small. I reckon they could have done with offering a large-print option for the older gamer. Reminds me, I probably should look into getting my eyes tested soon.

Once the servers have gone live, I’ll be wanting to play there instead, but I will carry on with the offline as well, as it is where all the game achievements are apparently. Will probably report back on the online version soon.

In other news, we’ve got tickets for Bond tomorrow, and hopefully mrsfb will be over her cold for that. Do a few chores and a bit of shopping this weekend, then Sunday afternoon I’m off to London for a couple of days for XP day (now two days).

Phantasy Star Online Episode 4. Now playing.

It is here! Years have I waited for a new episode of Phantasy Star Online , and my opinion so far, is that it is good. Almost all new monsters. Swarm patterns of attacks. Some impervious to any gunfire whatsoever, so some thought involved. Big fat sprawling levels. And that is only in my first half hour of play. I’ll talk about it more in depth in a couple of days, but thus far, one happy flotsky. I must admit, I stuck GT4 on B-spec mode, and completed a championship whilst playing the first level a bit. Gaming multi-tasking is here to stay.


Blue Burst

Have now downloaded Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst for the PC, and now they have the servers set up, will hopefully be playing that tonight. Suspect it will mainly be nothing new until the actual launch, where they will bring out a whole round of new content, but will have a bash and start building up a character I reckons. Has a new team function, which is essentially Clans for PSO, will be looking forwards to trying that out

Have been reading up on XML etc today. Bit perplexed actually, understand the basics of it, what I don’t get is how I am required to use it. Need to have a good hard think about that today, see if I can get it to come together in my head.

It would be wonderful if it was the weekend today. Round about now would be ideal.

And finally, firefox 1.0.4 is now out, definitely worth updating, get the latest security fixes you need to have.

Full of

Cold. Lucky me. I had booked the time off to go and visit a friend, instead I’ve been at home blowing my nose most of the day.

Have mainly been playing championship manager 4 and PSO. Championship Manager is supposed to be the most realistic football game ever. Well, I’m a useless manager, and it is nigh on impossible to get Darlington out of the bottom half of Division 3. I think they have got it just about right.



Something I meant to get round to, was to look at websites of some of the houseware designers I saw in Selfridges on Saturday. The ones I liked were Suck UK, Kartell, Inflate, Artomatic & But is it Art? Basically if I won the lottery, some sums would be going the way of the above.

Played decent PSO session with Bobi tonight, not quite as hard work as last time we played, we’re a bit more advanced now

flotsky.co.uk is the third item found when you search for flotsky on google. Must do something about that. Maybe will have a refreshing campaign to sort that out. By any rights I should be number one ;)

Less than two weeks to PSO

I am not paid by Nintendo to go on and on about their games. Quite the opposite in fact. I am waiting for it to get warmer and lighter. I want to start cycling again, in earnest. I need to be doing something to burn off a few more pounds, vain as I am. I think a bit of cycling on an evening would do the trick. In fact, what I think I would like would be a cheap digital camera, or failing that some film for the ordinary one I have, going off cycling and taking some pictures of Oxford

And I think in all honesty I should finish off the Harry Hill book, as I was enjoying it so much.