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Driven by sleep

still not right on the sleeping front. Did sleep okay yesterday, but it still threw into sharp relief how much I haven’t been for a while. Going to have to be careful and make sure that where I can, I get to catch up.

Got a couple of nice little things for myself yesterday, a Moleskine notebook, which is just the right size for everything for me, and The Silver Spoon, which is a classic Italian cookbook, and just brimming with recipes. So much so I could barely carry it home.

How to feel more rested – Sleep less.

Well this won’t work for everyone I’m sure, but the solution to my lack of sleep has been to stay up later. Somehow this seems to have fixed me, the last couple of days I’ve felt so much saner I cannot explain. MrsFB suffers with insomnia a lot, and of course whilst I’m supportive and sympathetic, I normally sleep so well I just can’t quite understand just how bad it is. This week I have.

Today is a good day, I’ve been paid, SisterFB has finally started up her blog after much nagging, MrsFB hit her sales target today, all in the world is very nice indeed thank you. The weekend will hopefully involve some tactical shopping, I would like to get my supplies of herbs and spices back up to date, and I think I need to venture along the Cowley Road to achieve this. There may be coffee or a glass of wine along the way too.

two hours sleep

and I am slightly lacking in inspiration and positive thought. I actually have a large, mindless task to do here, I think that might be my best option for sanities sake.
I’m fucked if I am letting the smoking win though, I am mainly, apart from sleep, getting there…

bad night’s sleep

Somewhere in the region of three hours, so very tired and zombiefied today. Hard day basically. Still, able to come home, and play my lovely PSO. The BB adaptor is in the post to me. On the downside though, it does look like the GC is going belly-up, which is a crying shame

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