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Chilling in Norway

Drawing towards the end of a great week in Norway. Highlight has to have been a fjord cruise yesterday, absolutely stunning scenery that I took a full memory card’s worth of pictures of. In general, it has involved wandering round a pretty little Norwegian town, and feeling rather relaxed. You can see all my photos (and there are a lot) here.

The latter emotion is despite giving up smoking, which thanks to patches has worked out alright thus far. This is stage two on the flotsky self-improvement front this year, stage one being my exemplary gym work thus far (N.B. exemplary equals going to in my personal dictionary).

Still not smoking, still sort of sane.

I’m still not sleeping, well not much, but I had a long walk home in the cold (on purpose) last night, and it really shook off a lot of the headiness I’d been feeling, I felt so much better for doing that. If I can do that a couple of times a week minimum as well, it really is going to help with the weight-loss too.

Yesterday evening was important as in places it was the first time I’d felt normal since I stopped. Important for me to feel I am getting that grasp back. It will obsess me a lot less soon, but obviously at the moment it is a lot of what I think about.

Bit of a catch up

Well it has been a while since I’ve written about myself, what with being away in London learning Java for a week, and posting lots of news stories instead. I’m about caught up now, so I hopefully will try and settle into a pattern with a little more balance. BTW, be aware that the comments on the news stories for the moment link to the actual story, rather than to my comments section. Should hopefully get chance to fix that soon.

I’m a bit full tonight, having cooked Nigel Slater’s perfect coq au vin. It is a great recipe, and with a few shortcuts I made it relatively quickly. I also cooked the full version (justabout) over New Year, and it is marvellous.

Being the New Year now, I have to put some of my resolutions into action. So this weekend I’m giving up smoking, and I’m also going to try and watch my weight a bit, so that it doesn’t add any more, particularly as I’d like to lose a little too. So I may make mention of what (if any) I lose. I am going to keep track of it, so I get an idea of what I’m doing that is right or wrong.

We’ve also decided on our holiday for this year, we’re off to New York in October hopefully! I’m bricking it about the flight, but seeing as I managed a couple of hours each way to France last year, I think I can about cope with it as long as I keep me head stuck in a book all the way. Will be well worth it once we get there though, can’t wait.

This has also partly been the motivation to get a new camera, a proper digital SLR. I’m hoping to buy it in the next month, and start taking some high-quality pics to put on flickr and for my own general amusement. And to occupy me whilst I am giving up smoking. Hope I can pull that off.

Day three of not smoking

It kind of feels like I’ve got something I should be doing, which I know I like doing, but I can’t quite remember how to do it. I’m less wired out than I expected, which has to be a good thing. I am on the patches, which makes it easier by far. I’ve now got another three months of this. Joy. It is worth doing though, both for my health and for the money.

Just had a spam with the title OPEN THE BARN DOOR GIRLS. Probably a good job they fucked up the e-mail, I didn’t really want to see what that was frankly.

This is about the longest in years I’ve kept any sort of diary type thing going. I used to for about 3 or 4 years at one point, but since then a day or two has been the best I could manage.