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And so that was Christmas

Well, nearly done with the Christmas season now. Not back to work until the 4th, so taking it nice and easy. Managed to watch the first series of the Sopranos in just a tad over 24 hours, so that was something approaching an achievement. Have also done some tidying, sorting and organising, which also counts. And some home coding.

New Year is planned to be a quiet one, with a touch of champagne to celebrate the transition into dry January. Gym and no drinking is the plan. The first time I typed that previous sentence, I typed Gin and no drinking. My subconscious seems to be less keen than I thought.

Taking it easy

Nice lazy day today, we did have every intent of a long walk down by the river, and indeed did set off on it, but rain and an evil cold breeze beat us. So we accepted defeat and headed for a nearby pub instead. Not quite as bracing and healthy as we intended, but still, got us out of the house.

Other than that we’ve chilled out, I’ve done some behind the scenes work on a couple of my blogs, and I’ll probably do a bit more. Also watched the third episode of the Sopranos, which is just fantastic. So glad I’ve bought the first series, I think we’re going to steadily work our way through the whole show this year. Fantastic thing to have in stock to watch when there isn’t anything on telly (such as tonight, which is utterly dreadful).

The joy of Sopranos

We’ve had a new tv channel start here this week, More4, which is an extension of the Channel 4 brand. It is pretty good, but the key thing they have done is to start showing The Sopranos from the first episode. Now, I didn’t see it when it was first on, and when I did start to express an interest, fans told me “You have to see it from the start”. So this is what I am doing, and I have to say, it is fucking fantastic. I am so glad I made the effort, because it is just so beautifully done. You can’t beat an hour of quality tv a night, and the prospect of it going on for the best part of a year four times a week is frankly magnificent.

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