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And so that was Christmas

Well, nearly done with the Christmas season now. Not back to work until the 4th, so taking it nice and easy. Managed to watch the first series of the Sopranos in just a tad over 24 hours, so that was something approaching an achievement. Have also done some tidying, sorting and organising, which also counts. And some home coding.

New Year is planned to be a quiet one, with a touch of champagne to celebrate the transition into dry January. Gym and no drinking is the plan. The first time I typed that previous sentence, I typed Gin and no drinking. My subconscious seems to be less keen than I thought.


A day mainly of meetings today. Good by the end of it though, did feel like we thrashed out what was needed, have something useful at the end of it.

I am considering the possibility at the moment of forcibly retiring from watching reality television unless I have to. I think this series of the Apprentice will finish me off. Certainly don’t have any passion for Big Brother this year (I know regular viewers of Big Brother often say this, but I think I might mean it for a change. I’ve usually embraced it, this year I just can’t be naffed). I’ve got a backlog of actually good telly to watch, and I think I just want to concentrate on that.

And back to work.

Cold. So cold waiting for the first bus of the year today. Good day at work once I was in and warm, got started on my project for the month, search enginey things. Nice to get back, and see that everything was where it should be, and nothing had gone wrong over the break. Always the worry when you go away for a bit. Bonus this evening is that my hearing has started to kick in again. Rather nice being able to hear people.

I saw a trailer tonight for Marc Wootton Exposed. Wootton is a former member of Cyderdelic, and possibly best known as Shirley Ghostman. He does seem to inspire a wide range of opinions, as it goes, I quite like him, and if this clip is anything to go by, it could be well worth watching.

Dolby to Turn Volume Down on Loud Commercials – Neowin.net

What isn’t quite stated here that I believe this should get rid of the need to turn your telly down massively when adverts come on. I was listening to someone talk about this the other day, and apparently the volume isn’t turned up by the tv company, the sound is recorded at a higher level of compression. Anyway, if this deals with it I want it built into my telly, and yesterday.

Dolby. That’s all I have to say and you think of “audio” and “surround sound”. What’s that company up to recently? Dolby Volume: a technology that equalizes the volume across all audio coming out of your TV. The system aims to deliver consistent volume for TV channels, programs, and commercials.

Dolby Volume models how “humans perceive audio” to eliminate variable loudness in the audio stream, automatically. Dolby claims user intervention completely is unnecessary (aside from the initial setup). The system handles up to a 30dB in reduction or amplification. Ars Technica mentions that Dolby did not address what Dolby Volume does when explosions or other sudden noises are meant to happen.

News source: Ars Technica

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BBC in talks on Google link-up – Neowin.net

This is a really big deal. Basically we get a BBC channel on YouTube, and hopefully far more content appearing quicker. Ideally more podcasts too, but I’m not holding my breath on that count.

The BBC is in advanced negotiations with Google to make programming available via a branded channel on the search giant’s video-sharing site, MediaGuardian.co.uk can reveal.

It is understood that BBC executives are keen that the deal, which involves BBC Worldwide and the BBC, is eventually expanded to include putting content on Google-owned YouTube.

BBC Worldwide is understood to be looking at commercial options for the agreement, such as a share on contextual advertising that will run alongside BBC content.

This would mirror the type of deal that YouTube has in place with US sports organisation NHL.

The BBC will use Google Video as a vehicle to raise the profile of its content by posting clips of popular programming.

View: Guardian News

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Charts 13 TV – 15th Week

Position Title Channel Last position
20 All In Good Faith ITV -
1 Auf Wiedsehen Pet! 2 ITV 2
2 Hancock’s Half Hour BBC 2 3
3 Spitting Image ITV -
4 The Cosby Show CH 4 4
5 Grandstand BBC 1 7
6 It’s Your Move BBC 1 6
7 Now Something Else BBC 2 5
8 A Question of Sport BBC 1 8
9 Match of the Day BBC 1 11
10 The Big Match ITV 10
11 Sportsnight BBC 1 -
12 Midweek Sports Special ITV 15
13 Eastenders BBC 1 12
14 Dallas BBC 1 14
15 Little and Large BBC 1 16
16 Starshot BBC 2 13
17 Bobby Davro on the Box ITV 20
18 The Muppet Show BBC 1 17
19 Dynasty II BBC 1 18
20 Dynasty BBC 1 19